Feel Good Friday

A 1-minute story to put a smile on your face

An IoH Board Member/family volunteer had just run back from the Grand Ole Opry at the Nashville Legacy Retreat® in July 2022  (it was very hot and humid) to get a replacement oxygen tank for a family. After retrieving the tank, he encountered Hayden Finch, a gold family member, in the hotel and Hayden jumped into action agreeing to carry the tank for the very hot and tired volunteer. Other IoH staff and volunteers offered to help carry the oxygen but Hayden was adamant that he would carry it. He was a top-notch honorary volunteer and we look forward to adding him to the serving team officially sometime in the near future. His dad had passed away only a couple months before. What a blessing that he could help another diagnosed dad get the breath that he needed at that time. We know his dad, Marc, would be so proud of this incredible young man that he raised!

Hayden Finch in action!