Deric Milligan, Co-Founder & Chairman


Deric Milligan co-founded Inheritance of Hope (IoH) in 2007, a few years after his late wife, Kristen, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They saw a gap in resources for terminal parents with young children and God led them to fill it by creating an organization that inspires hope by providing resources and relationships for the entire family.


He received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in recognition for his work and continues to volunteer as Chairman of the Board serving families of terminally ill parents across the U.S.


Deric, now a Financial Advisor at Raymond James & Associates, is an Army veteran and two-time Meritorious Service Medal recipient. Deric earned his MBA (with distinction) from NYU’s Stern School of Business. He also holds degrees from Northwestern University and The University of Michigan. Deric is married and has three adult children. You might find him on a Central Florida golf course whenever time permits.