The other night my family and I stopped at a new convenience center in town that is way better then your average gas station.  Yes, they sell gasoline, snacks and drinks but they also have a full deli and a pay-by-the-ounce yogurt and topping bar.  Well, as we got out of the car to check it out a somewhat scraggly looking man approached my husband. The kids and I kept walking into the store unaware that my husband had stopped to talk with the man.  

When we came out of the store a few minutes later they were still talking and my husband shook the man’s hand and came to the van.

“What was that all about?” I asked hesitantly.

“The man wanted me to buy him beer,” my husband replied.

My husband told the man he would gladly take him inside and by him food and other non-alcoholic beverages if he wanted.  But the man refused. He said he only wanted beer. This man had no idea that my husband is one of the most generous people I have ever known.  He happily gives often. This man had an audience with a man who LOVES to give…a man who lavishly gives. And this man turned down any offer for help that did not meet his desire. He only asked for one thing. A thing he thought he needed. A drink to fill a hole, an addiction.

How often do we limit ourselves in such a way?

We have an audience with a God who loves to give lavishly. A God who wants to pour out blessing on us. And yet we limit our requests to very specific, often selfish, prayers that may even be detrimental. In our limited state, we cannot see the big picture we only know what we think we need. We are asking for beer when God wants to give us lobster, steak, and fancy wine.

Let’s ask BIG and trust God.  Even when the answer is no. Maybe it is not in your best interest. We can ask big and then trust.