A New Twist on Mother’s Day – May 2016

[This post was originally published on May 2.]

Mother’s Day 2016 is only a few days away. Hallmark will claim record-breaking sales, and florists will hire extra delivery staff to make sure that the roses and daisies make their way to the doorsteps of moms old and young, new and seasoned.

I recently sat for hours going through my own Mother’s Day cards… or as my youngest used to say, “polishing and tumbling the memory agates,” alternately smiling and weeping. Smiling over the stories and weeping over the ever dear and precious words in cards, notes, and letters over five decades. Joybox after joybox. Words of encouragement, words of gratitude, tender words of love and appreciation for being an example in hard times… for pointing them to Jesus… for loving them unconditionally.

I was glad to be sitting alone as I felt undeserving and embarrassed by all the accolades and the praise. We are a family of bibliophiles / wordsmiths, so my ‘treasure’ collection is unique, sincere, powerful, and priceless. The words go deep and spread a soothing balm over this mother’s heart.

Who my daughters are and who they have become amazes me. It isn’t because of their parents, but in spite of us; in spite of our sinful selves. That isn’t self-deprecating talk, but merely scriptural truth. Without Christ, we are a wretched people with no hope. With him, we have the luxury of grace, but will always struggle as long as we are this side of heaven, ever learning, always growing, hopefully improving.

I am so proud of who they are… kind, loving, beautiful, extremely generous women who love the Lord and are serving Him along with their families. We are mother and daughters, but more importantly, sisters in Christ, walking each other home on this journey called life.

So on this Mother’s Day, I am taking the opportunity to do a marketing reversal… to honor my children… to thank God for them… for answering the prayers of this young mommy… prayers that sounded something like this.

Oh, God of mine, are you sure you have entrusted these little souls to the right mommy? Allowing an imperfect heart to shepherd and shape their innocent ones? This is the most important thing I will do in this life, and there are no do-overs. There will be times when I will fail them, times when I will be unkind or unlovely and, sadly, un-Christlike. Take over, I pray. They are yours and only on loan to us. Grow us together until we see you face to face.”

So Melissa, Kristina, Karrie, and Emma (who waits for us with Jesus), thank you for who you are and who you are helping me to become. You are wonderful mothers, sisters, and friends who are leaving your own legacy, and I am blessed to be your Mom, Mommy, Mother Dearest, Mammachka… my cup runneth over. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Rosi is a mother of 4, grandmother of 14, and great-grandmother of 8 and is blessed far beyond what she could have ever imagined. She is a journeywoman who continues to grow and learn and be the recipient of amazing grace. Rosi’s daughter, Emma Barnhart, attended the May 2013 Legacy Retreat® with her family. You can follow Rosi’s personal blog here.