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3 Simple Ways to Make People Feel Loved

There’s something irreplaceable about intentionality, no matter how small the gesture. I, for one, would prefer a thoughtful, handwritten note over a lavish gift of my own choosing. However, it can be very difficult to find the time and energy to go out of your way emotionally. But, because I believe in the value of intentionality, I’ve found a few fun things to do that make it feel like less of an endeavor and more of a creative activity. The list is quite standard, but I have added a personal twist to make it a little more fun. As a huge bonus, the recipient of your gift will recognize the extra effort put into their gift, and feel all the more loved as a result! 

1. Letter-writing


Letter writing is a very intentional, classic way of making someone feel loved – so don’t confine it to special occasions! Send those letters just because – whoever said they were just for birthdays and Christmas? Letters can be a lot of fun to make as well. Instead of buying a card, have some fun with calligraphy and paints. You don’t need to have extensive experience (or any experience at all!) to write a name in fancy cursive – all it takes is a few minutes of practice. Painting is the same – you don’t have to be an artist to paint flowers on some stationary. And if you only feel like painting it once, you could always photocopy your finished product and make it your own, personal stationary! (Tip: if you do decide to photocopy it, make sure to keep your paint off the margins of the paper – it won’t copy there!)

2. Cooking meals


Making food for someone is always an excellent way to make them feel loved. Whether it be inviting them to your house for dinner or simply dropping off a plate of cookies, it is an intentional way to show them you care. Plus, cooking is fun! You could make homemade bread (which is super easy), some quickie pasta, or a decadent chocolate cake. But in each case, it will be clear that you went out of your way to make your friend’s day easier and more delicious – and they will appreciate it. My favorite recipes usually come from a blog called Smitten Kitchen. It has a long list of delicious ideas for any kind of food you can think of!

3. Plant gifting


When you want to make someone feel loved you can never go wrong with gift-giving, and what better gift to give than plants? They’re fun, cute, and universally enjoyed. It’s impossible to go wrong with orchids or a potted herb! You can make an activity out of giving your plant away too – you could paint the pot yourself to add a bit of flair, or include a personalized care-taking note. Plus it can be quite cost effective, especially if you want to learn how to root your own plants, such as succulents. Then you can simply buy yourself plants, and give plants that you rooted off of your own!

But whatever you decide to do, remember that the ultimate goal is to intentionally love on someone. As long as that is at the forefront of your mind, anything you create will be precious and fun!


When Ashlea was only 4 years old, her mom, Kristen Milligan, was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Watching her mom pursue Christ even in the midst of hardship inspired Ashlea to pursue an intimate relationship with her heavenly Father. Jesus has become her most fiery passion, and although hardships arise, Ashlea learned from a young age that Christ is even more present in the darkness if we intentionally seek Him there. Ashlea is currently attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, pursuing a degree in Marketing and Advertising. She hopes to use media outlets such as this to spread the great news of Jesus to an international audience.