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We inspire hope in young families facing the loss of a parent.  Join us!

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Dr. Gary Chapman

Author of The Five Love Languages
"Inheritance of Hope provides expert love and care for families battling a parent's life-threatening illness." 

Legacy Lunch Webinars

Join us for free on Sept. 23 at 2:00pm Eastern to hear and discuss "Living and Eating Well" with Oncology Dietitian Shayna Komar.

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Top-Rated Charity

See why Inheritance of Hope is a 2014 top-rated nonprofit


Inspire Hope!

Inspire Hope

Why Hope? 1 in 20 children will suffer the loss of a parent before age 16. We uniquely serve these children and their families.


Join Our Team!

Join Our Team

Team IOH offers athletes support and inspiration in endurance events across the country. Help us raise awareness and funds to serve more families impacted by life-threatening illness.


Sponsor Lasting Legacies!

Sponsor Lasting Legacies

Help create lifelong memories and build a sense of community for a family while they are still able. Give lasting legacies of Hope!

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