How Do I Get Started Fundraising??

Fundraising can be scary … and can be overwhelming for some of us.  And these feelings can lead to putting off getting started.  I know, because I’ve been there.  But, I’ve learned that fundraising isn’t so hard or scary, and can even be invigorating.

“If you run without any reason, you are just chasing the wind.” – Wesley Korir, 2012 Boston Marathon winner

So, how do I get started fundraising??

Once you have registered to run a race with Team IOH, it’s time to set up your personal webpage and get the word out to friends and family members that you are running for a great cause, and you would like them to be a part of your race experience by donating to help you reach your fundraising goal.  Did I say “you are running for a great cause”?  Yes I did!

    • The first thing you need to know is that Inheritance of Hope is a great cause. The money you raise is going directly to make an impact in families’ lives.  It is helping children and their parents navigate the diagnosis of a parent’s life-threatening illness.  This diagnosis has the potential to devastate lives – Inheritance of Hope exists to overcome that devastation with hope and support.  I have witnessed first hand a transformation in the lives of EVERYONEthat attends a Legacy Retreat.  (I have volunteered at 11 Legacy Retreats.) The money you are raising WILL make a lasting,  positive life-changing impact in the lives of children and their parents.
    • You may ask, “But what if I don’t end up running the race due to injury?  Maybe I should wait to start fundraising.  Is it right to ask for donations and I don’t even know if I’m going to make it to the finish line?  It is my first marathon… you never know what might happen.”  These are good questions but think of it this way:  is anything sure in life?  You are sincerely intending to take part on race day – there is no deception on your part.  Your donors are donating to Inheritance of Hope on behalf of your conviction to run this race and raise funds while you’re training.  This is as good as gold.
    • “I’m nervous about reaching the fundraising commitment.” If you get started right away, I can almost assure you that you will far surpass your goal.  We have had runners in past Team IOH runs raise money in a variety of ways.  A college student had bake sales, an office worker sold enchiladas at lunch to his co-workers, a young man had a dinner at a catering hall, four women had a rally at a pub … and of course, countless other runners sent out emails or put the word out on their social media links.  There are as many ways to creatively fundraise as there are people in this world.  Choose what you are comfortable with and be yourself.  My last fundraising effort was entirely through Facebook.  It felt right to put it out there to my Facebook friends … and keep them abreast of how I was progressing.  People generously stepped up and whole-heartedly supported me.  It was really exciting for me to see the positive response, and it made the NYC Half Marathon that much more special.  I surpassed my goal – and best of all knew that what I was doing would make a REAL difference in peoples’ lives.
      Let's Get Started!

      Let’s Get Started!

Let’s get started! If you are a current Team IOH runner, sign on to  the Inheritance of Hope website, scroll over the tab “My TeamIOH”, click on “My Fundraising Tools”.  This will give you clear directions on setting up your personal webpage.  This first step is where you can personalize the message about why you are competing in the event you have chosen with Team Inheritance of Hope.  This is where your donors will connect with you and will have the opportunity to donate online.

If you are not a Team IOH member, think about joining us in a future event.  We would love to have you!  The reality is that IOH needs funds to exist.  Team IOH is a big factor in the continued existence of Inheritance of Hope.

I will be covering cool Fundraising Tips and other information in next week’s blog.