A Train's Rust, A Toy Maker's Love

Authored by a terminally ill mother of 3 young children, this beautifully illustrated and compassionately written book blends deep love with the reality of pain.  This is the perfect way to share and discuss difficult circumstances with children.  Paperback.  Written by Inheritance of Hope co-founder Kristen Milligan.  Illustrated by Devonne Cooper.

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"The children's classic The Little Engine That Could has inspired thousands of children with its refrain, "I think I can." But what happens when positive thinking isn't enough? A Train's Rust, A Toy Maker's Love is a train story that addresses children's deepest fears without a trite refrain. Written by a mother of three out of her own experience of terminal liver cancer, this story echoes the good design of the world and the painful reality of its corrosion. Kristen Milligan offers real hope to children who don't have any of their own strength of spirit left."
- Graham Scharf, Co-founder and Community Manager of


“Anyone wrestling with the issue of death and dying needs to prayerfully read and discuss this book with their family. When I was diagnosed with stage 3 local advanced breast cancer (16 out of 24 lymph nodes in my right arm were cancerous), agonizing fear accompanied despair. I was especially concerned for my 2 ½ year old daughter. Fear – such as I experienced – will dissipate … it will be puffed out like a weak vapor … as you ponder God’s word and God’s love as it is beautifully presented in A Train’s Rust, A Toy Maker’s Love. Kristen has shared from her heart, and in so doing, has provided good soil to produce the fruit of balance and peace and healing in the lives of those that read this book. I love this story! Read it and be blessed!”
- Lisa Duscio


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