At Inheritance of Hope's inaugural Legacy Retreat® in August 2008, participating families had the opportunity to do an interview sharing their thoughts and feelings about the event.  Click on the names below to watch the interviews.
"To have others who are suffering the same way, to come together to talk and hug and have fun, reminds me that it's not all bad ... To know that there are other people that feel the same way -- it's comforting ... The kids are just having the time of their lives ... The need for this is priceless ... For the first time there was nothing that I had to think or worry about ... They thought of everything ... Thank you for letting us be a part of this."
"It's been a great time to get away with the kids and not have to worry about paying for anything ... The itinerary was perfect ... It's a great resource for families that don't have the resources to do this ... I'm definitely going to spread the word."
"A weekend like this where you meet other families and you realize you're not alone with your struggles is a total blessing ... It's the gap between your own personal world and the medical world, and there's an awful lot ... The kids learned really interesting techniques to get rid of their fears and anger and frustrations ... It gives you some more tools that you didn't think were available because you're so busy and wrapped up in daily living."
"It's good to have something else to focus on besides going to the doctors all the time ... It was fabulous; it was beautifully done ... It was an adventure for everyone -- the kids really enjoyed it, too ... My favorite is that they have people to watch the kids ... They're willing to take our fussy baby; they made it very clear that they're not just willing but they want to do it for us ... I know so many people who are going through similar things."
Click here for interviews with Inheritance of Hope co-founders Kristen and Deric Milligan.