Sample Itinerary

Day 1:

Families arrive throughout the afternoon, and the Legacy Retreat® begins with the first group sessions, where parents meet together to share their stories while children meet separately for fun and meaningful activities.  Then at dinner you are able to continue getting to know one another as well as the Inheritance of Hope staff and volunteers.  Volunteers ensure that this evening is full of fun! 

Day 2:

The second group sessions are followed by a fun-filled day in an amusement park or exploring New York City!

Day 3:

The third group sessions are followed by yet another day of fun and memory-making!  The evening includes a night out for parents, an exciting game time for the kids, and an opportunity for parents to meet individually with a children's counselor and make a personal Legacy Video.

Day 4:

The final day of the Legacy Retreat® features the Closing Service.  There are many surprises and heartfelt moments this morning.  Afterward, although it is difficult, we say good-bye to each other.

Each of Inheritance of Hope’s Legacy Retreats® has special features.  Although this basic outline remains consistent, activities vary depending on the venue.  More particulars will be sent to each family as they apply and are accepted for their Legacy Retreat® in Orlando, New York City, or other location.