Are Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreats® need-based? No, any family who has a parent with a life-threatening illness and children 18 and under is eligible.
Why are your retreats all-expenses-paid? We understand that young families who have a parent with a life-threatening illness are not only enduring a physical, emotional, and spiritual battle, but also a financial one.  Even those with the ability to pay face financial uncertainty for their family in the future.  Therefore, we want to do all we can to remove the stress for at least three days so your family can focus on building your legacy within a community of support among others who understand your challenges.
Who is eligible to attend an Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat®? Families with children 18 and under who have a parent with a life-threatening illness.  Eligible family members include the ill parent, spouse/caregiver, and children for whom the ill parent has legal custody.
What if I am not of the Christian faith? We want to be clear that we see the challenges of navigating this situation through the lens of the Christian faith.  However, we do not require (or ask) you to embrace any particular doctrine or background.  No matter what your beliefs, you will be served with respect, love, and compassion.
I would love to have a getaway with my family, but I am concerned about giving up the freedom to plan my agenda. Our goal is to make plans so you won't have to.  With that said, if there is an activity that you would prefer not to participate in, if you need to rest, or if you need help with childcare, our staff is available to help you.  In short, we'll make plans, but you are ultimately in control of your agenda.  We know you will want to have time to spend alone as a family, so we plan a lot of time just for you.
What is the schedule at an Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat®? Although the activities and itineraries vary slightly from one event to another, you can click here to view a sample itinerary.
When we are at a destination, will we remain with all the families for the duration, or will there be personal family time allotted? There will be plenty of personal family time.  One of our goals is for you to create precious family memories!  However, another goal is to form a community of families who can relate to one another in a unique way.  We schedule several meeting times into the itinerary when all of the families get to know each other, offering support and tools to navigate this difficult time of raising children in the midst of fighting a life-threatening illness.  We also have great volunteers and staff who are available to help you in any way they can (help with the kids, wait in line for fast passes at the theme parks, push wheelchairs, etc.).
What do the children do? Most of the children's group time is spent participating in hands-on activities and having fun.  Though we don't like to give away exactly what the activities are, you should know that sometimes they are messy and even gooey.  They may involve food, crafts, looking at books, writing, or drawing, and there are always games.
My children are in high school - is an Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat® for them, too? Yes!  Children at our retreats range from newborn to eighteen.  In fact, some attendees are a little older and come with siblings who are under eighteen.  Children of similar ages have opportunities to interact with one other, and older children often enjoy time with our young adult volunteers.  No matter what their age, all of the children have a great time.
What will you tell my children about my illness? Your children should know about your illness before they come.  However, we will not dwell on the illness and certainly will not presume an outcome.  Our licensed children's counselors use play therapy to work with children through games and fun activities, which help them to explore and process feelings they may have a hard time understanding.  The children also really enjoy the chance to meet others their age who can understand them in a unique way.  You will have an opportunity to meet individually with a children's counselor to discuss observations and specific concerns about your family during the retreat.
What if I am not able to participate in every activity or ride every ride? Our outstanding volunteers are eager to help you, whether that means riding a twisting roller coaster or watching your children while you get some much-needed rest.
What if I have unexpected medical appointments or am unable to travel on the retreat weekend? We understand that there is a great deal of uncertainty in the lives of young families who have a parent with a life-threatening illness.  We encourage you to apply, and we will contact you as the event approaches to confirm that you are still able to attend.
Do you pay for baggage fees? We will cover the cost of 1 bag each way for every 2 people in your family, rounding up.  For example, 3 family members = 2 bags, 4 family members = 2 bags, 5 family members = 3 bags, etc.  You are also each entitled to at least one carry-on bag with most airlines.  Some airlines allow free checked bags for everyone, and we try to use these airlines, but it is not always possible.
I am concerned about taking someone else's spot. Don't be.  We encourage you to apply because we want to serve you!