Welcome to the Inheritance of Hope family!  By filling out this application you will be considered to enjoy our life-changing, all-expenses-paid experiences.  The Legacy Retreat® will provide your family the opportunity to make wonderful memories and build friendships with other families in similar circumstances.
We know you have a lot to deal with now, which is why we have made the application easy to complete online.  In fact, a close friend or family member can assist you with most of the form.  The first steps ask you to attach (upload) a family photo and this physician letter, completed.  If your doctor is not permitting you to travel currently, they can simply mark "no" on that question and still complete the physician letter.  We will work with you to plan the best experience possible based on all information in your completed physician letter and application.
You also are asked to attach personal notes to your spouse (or caregiver) and each of your children; please see the instructions here.  You will want to have these items saved on your computer so that you can complete the application.
To finish the application, be sure to click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom.  Applications are processed and Legacy Retreat® dates are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
If you have any questions during your application process, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Warm Regards,

Heidi Benson
Families Manager