Volunteer at Legacy Retreats®
Thank you for your willingness to consider volunteering for an Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat®!  We have found that our volunteers are what make the weekend the most restful, the most memorable, and the most enjoyable for our families.  However, you should know that it is a busy weekend, and there is little time for rest for our volunteers. 
The primary role of our volunteers is to assist parents and our children’s groups with care of the children.  Many of our parents are weak from the progression of their disease or just plain tired from the ordeal their family has endured.  Most families jump at the chance to have a volunteer accompany them in the theme park, waterpark, city, camp, or on other activities.  In other cases, the parents just need a rest and will trust you completely with the care of their children.  We encourage our parents to take advantage of your presence and willingness to help, as for many it is an opportunity they rarely find at home.  Other duties include bringing luggage to and from the hotel rooms, organizing and delivering meals, helping with airport pick-ups and drop-offs, and being available for whatever might help or encourage our families.
In order to devote our limited financial resources to the needs of our families, we ask our volunteers to raise support to cover their expenses during the retreat.  We ask each volunteer to raise $400 and provide their own transportation to the event.  We will give you a personalized webpage to make online fundraising easy!
Thank you again for your willingness to serve - Inheritance of Hope could not serve these families without you!
When to Apply
We offer Legacy Retreats® at locations around the country throughout the year.  The volunteer application is not specific to any one retreat -- if your application is selected, you will become part of the group that is notified each time a new retreat is scheduled.  Our retreat teams sometimes fill quickly, so if you have interest in volunteering at any point, applying now is the best way to go!
How to Apply
You can contact jill@InheritanceOfHope.org with any questions or for more information.
Volunteer with us!