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Legacy Retreat® for Family

The Legacy Retreat® is the only offering of its kind for young families with a terminally ill parent! These 4 days of memory making, intentional legacy building, meaningful community, and tools for the whole family inspire lifelong impact.
Cost: about $6,500 per family

Date Night

A night out for parents without medical worries or responsibility for children is a rare treat. This gift covers the meal and transportation so all the parents have to do is enjoy!
Cost: $50 per couple

Orlando Legacy Retreat® Lodging

Thanks to our partner DoubleTree Suites by Hilton in Orlando, families enjoy spacious suites on the Walt Disney World Resort property. The signature cookies make just being at the hotel memorable!
Cost: $405 per family

Unforgettable Dinner

From Cosmic Ray's in Tomorrowland to Ellen's Stardust Diner off Broadway, give a family a meal they will enjoy the rest of their lives!
Cost: about $67 per family


Families look great for their lasting memories when they have the right gear! Inheritance of Hope shirts also recall good memories for families when they're back home.
Cost: $29 per family

Kids' Night Out

The perfect way for kids to just be kids. They eat yummy food and have tons of fun with our volunteers. This gift is all about letting kids with terminally ill parents have a night without a care in the world.
Cost: $25 per child

Day at Magic Kingdom

Disney World really is "the most magical place on earth" when Legacy Retreat® families make memories there. Rides, shows, and favorite characters create an unforgettable day for the whole family together.
Cost: $600 per family

Legacy Retreat® Volunteer

Our volunteers are the best! They help families with everything from luggage to roller coasters to goofing around with kids to deep conversations with parents. A great volunteer makes life easy for a family for 4 days.
Cost: $150 per volunteer per day

Personalized Memory Books

Legacy Retreats® create lifelong memories for kids, and their activity books keep those memories fresh. These are great resources for fun as well as meaningful conversation. Parents also enjoy seeing their kids' creative insights.
Cost: $41 per family

Rockettes Radio City Show

One of the most memorable shows in New York! Families create lifelong memories by experiencing the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular together in the world-famous Radio City Music Hall.
Cost: $200 per family

Legacy Retreat® Welcome Dinner

Great Legacy Retreats® start with great meals! Delicious and able to cater to special dietary needs, our opening dinners let families know that they are in for a treat.
Cost: $15 per person

Ground Transportation

Taxis, vans, Uber, tolls, and buses -- getting around Legacy Retreat® locations requires special transportation. This gift ensures that all families and their gear get around comfortably for all the memory-making.
Cost: $152 per day

Best of NYC Cruise

Families cruise around Manhattan for great views of famous landmarks like the World Trade Center, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge -- a memorable way to see New York!
Cost: $100 per family

Hope-Inspiring Books

Our co-founder wrote beautiful and inspiring books for parents and children facing a parent's illness. Together, they are the perfect gift for families we serve.
Cost: $22 per family

Legacy Retreat® for Child

The Legacy Retreat® is the only offering for kids with terminally ill parents to make lifelong memories with their parents and meet other people who love supporting them. This comprehensive, 4-day gift changes a child's life forever.
Cost: about $1,300 per child

Legacy Video

Heartfelt messages from terminally ill parents recorded in high-definition for their loved ones. Legacy Videos are treasures for ill parents to intentionally continue their legacies and for family members to cherish forever.
Cost: $250 per family

Air Travel

Many kids, and some entire families, have never flown before their Legacy Retreat®. Covering travel costs allows families to enjoy making memories as soon as they leave home.
Cost: $350 per person for round-trip airfare and baggage


We want all family members to enjoy all parts of their Legacy Retreat®, without feeling limited by their illness. Providing a wheel chair for four days allows a mobility-challenged person to participate fully.
Cost: $32 per person

NYC Legacy Retreat® Lodging

Our families experience NYC day and night by staying in Times Square hotels. Sights and sounds can be taken in from rooms and balconies, and famous landmarks are only a short walk away.
Cost: $525 per family

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Legacy Retreats® that serve 16 families together cost about $104,000.  Legacy Retreats® that serve 24 families together cost about $156,000.  If you or your company/organization would like to sponsor a significant portion of a full Legacy Retreat® ($25,000+), please contact Deric Milligan: | 914.213.8435