God is Always Faithful - May 2017

Heather originally shared this in preparation for the May 6 Hunter Subaru Legacy Run.


When life is challenging, even though I know I am doing what God has called me to do, I often forget that He wants me to succeed and delights in blessing me!  The staff and volunteers of Inheritance of Hope earnestly seek God's face and His will and strive to know and follow His word. 

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Extreme Training


Extreme Waterfall after Rain

It's that time of year to start thinking about a training plan for your summer or fall race.  Training for a race can often be extreme... like, going out on a 20 mile run on a Saturday morning ... or, swimming a mile and then jumping on your bike for a 10 mile sprint.  It's going through the extremes that helps you to enjoy the journey.  The extremes condition you so you can cover the distance with less pain.  Today I want to tell you about an extreme journey taken by my friend Angela Bailey...

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Half Century Club

This past week, I celebrated my 50th birthday, and to my amazement it was quite exciting...

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