What a “Volunteer” means at Inheritance of Hope: Judy Guerra and Colleen Urlaub on their unexpected friendship

Inheritance of Hope volunteers mean it when they call a family “theirs.”  Just ask Colleen Urlaub and Judy Guerra.  Judy was the volunteer paired with Colleen’s family at the Orlando Legacy Retreat® in February 2019, and the two former strangers are now family. 


Brad, Christel, Ashley, and Colleen Urlaub with Judy Guerra (far right) in Orlando


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Make it a Family Game Night!

Facing yet another Friday night “in?”  Squares on your calendar a little too blank?  Kids whining “I’m bored” over and over?  Inheritance of Hope can help!



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Come Seek Hope with Us

How can we continue to support a family after their loved one has passed away? At Inheritance of Hope, our goal is to purposefully be with those left behind, to walk alongside those who grieve.  We know we could never fill the emptiness that remains, but we also know this space still beautifully holds memories and much, much more.  We acknowledge the loss just as we celebrate life and love.  

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Over 1,000 people attend our first-ever Inheritance of Hope Family Reunion!

Who has been to a family reunion with former NFL players, the author of a beloved young adult adventure series, award-winning musicians, and THE Soul Surfer? We have!


All that was missing from our Inheritance of Hope eReunion were those extra pieces of your great-aunt's famous pie and her overzealous cheek pinches.  We even had a treasure hunt!


Breakout sessions ranged from yoga to financial planning and everything in between. Just as with our Legacy Retreats®, we had three goals: to help families make precious memories together, provide community, and give families facing the loss of a parent tools for what they face.  


Missed a session because there were just too many you wanted to attend? We will be sharing select video recordings soon! 


If home is where your family is, don’t forget your IoH family is always right there with you-- connect with us, and join the momentum.  Make your #GivingTuesday page, share your IoH story, and don’t be a stranger--we want to see you all again before our next reunion!


Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton shared the five key principles she uses to ADAPT to any challenge
Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton shared the five key principles she uses to ADAPT to any challenge


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Family Spotlight: The Baird Family Finds Hope One Day at a Time

Family Spotlight: The Baird Family Finds Hope One Day at a Time
    “We just take it one day at a time.  One day at a time.”  This is how Bryant Baird is coping as a newly single father.  The Baird family has suffered some hard hits this year--his father in law died one month to the day before Bryant’s wife Cryst...
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Family Spotlight: the Derricot Family is Praying through the Pandemic



“I pray, and pray, and pray, and then I pray some more,” shares Shirley Derricot on her approach to life.  She is honest--there is a lot to pray for, from staying safe during the pandemic to hoping that her two Black sons stay safe out in the world.

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Family Spotlight: The Dorado-Harrison Family’s Positive Mindset



For Jennifer Dorado, there is a way to live through a pandemic with metastatic breast cancer, “One day at a time.”  The 37-year-old mother of three, former competitive softball player, and unrelenting optimist has a simple but effective outlook, “A positive mind gives you a positive future.”  Staying upbeat as she wakes every day, and pushing through, no matter how sapped her energy may be, has helped her navigate the challenges of parenting with a terminal illness, because, she knows, “I have too much to fight for.” 


Jennifer Dorado’s family surrounds her with love on their IoH Legacy Retreat®
Jennifer Dorado’s family surrounds her with love on their IoH Legacy Retreat®
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These relationships aren’t virtual! Families connect with each other during our second eLegacy Retreat™! 



Connections.  That is what we do best here at Inheritance of Hope.  Connecting families who feel isolated, scared, and often hopeless.  So, how are those connections working now via Zoom?


In short, pretty well!  


On August 21st-23rd, we welcomed 17 families to our second IoH eLegacy Retreat.  We haven’t hugged them in person yet, but we are family.  There is nothing virtual about these relationships, and while the IoH experience can never fully be described, here is what some of our newest family members have to say.  

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Faces of Holley Day: Jen Roett discovers IoH through Kendra Scott



When Jen Roett saw Kendra Scott’s metastatic breast cancer necklace charm set on Instagram, “I was like, ‘done!’” she raves, “And I bought it as soon as it came out.”  One-year-old daughter Kennedy loved it as much as mom, and when she reached in to get a closer look, pulled the necklace right off Jen’s neck.


Jen went to the Kendra Scott website to find out how she could get her brand-new jewelry repaired, stumbled upon the relationship between Kendra Scott and Inheritance of Hope, and she says, “I began hysterically sobbing, I was so moved.”  The very next day, Jen signed up to volunteer on the February 2019 Legacy RetreatⓇ to Orlando, which was sponsored by Kendra Scott, for families affected by metastatic breast cancer.   

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Family Spotlight: Adam and Whitney Hayden on the legacy right here

For Adam Hayden, “Storytelling is a pathway toward a meaningful life.”  This nugget of wisdom, shared in his speech at the 2019 End Well Symposium, drives the narrative of Adam’s every day.  Most people only think of death in the broadest of terms, but Adam, who holds a Master of Arts in philosophy, knows it is much more than an existential question.  As a four-year glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor patient, one thing Adam claims to be most proud of is what he calls his relationship with the end of life.  


.Adam shares his story at the End Well Symposuim in December 2019   (Photo - Katie Ravas for Drew Altizer Photography) Adam shares his story at the End Well Symposuim in December 2019 
(Photo - Katie Ravas for Drew Altizer Photography) 

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