Legacy Builder Series: Meet Martha Tofteland, former family-member-served making a difference for others

“Legacy Builder” describes Martha Tofteland perfectly.  Not only did she help her late husband Ryan leave tangible evidence of his love for their young children, but she donates monthly to Inheritance of Hope so that other families might access the same resources that helped them.  The Toftelands attended an IoH Legacy Retreat® to California when their children were just six and three years old.  Nervous about how sensitive topics might be introduced to their kids, who had not yet heard their dad described as “sick,” the Toftelands found that IoH gave Ryan courage and tools to begin the heartbreaking, yet vital task of creating legacy items for Finn and Liv, now ages nine and six.


The Toftelands hold on to smiles like these from their IoH Legacy Retreat® in 2018. Ryan passed away 18 months later, in February 2020, at the age of 40.

The Toftelands hold on to smiles like these from their IoH Legacy Retreat® in 2018. Ryan passed away 18 months later, in February 2020, at the age of 40.

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Legacy Builder Series: Meet Jason Crawford, middle-schooler who wants other kids facing the terminal illness of a parent to know they are not alone.

“Happiness comes from knowing you’ve helped someone,” says Jason Crawford, age 11.  As our youngest Legacy Builder, Jason would certainly know.  Earlier this year, he made the commitment to give monthly to Inheritance of Hope so that other kids could have the same experience he had when he was just five.

Jason remembers only a few details from his family’s IoH Legacy Retreat® to Orlando--riding Splash Mountain and being tickled by his dad--but he does remember feeling loved.  Less than two years later, Jason’s dad John passed away from ALS.  Jason particularly wants other kids in the same situation to know that they are not alone, because he understands exactly what that can feel like, “I did feel alone at some points, but people helped me. My mom, my family, and my friends.”  And, IoH.

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Legacy Builder Series: Meet Jane Augur, Inheritance of Hope Legacy Video Coach

Jane Augur is authentic, right down to her British accent “from a place so small, if you mentioned it, no one would have ever heard of it.”


As a Legacy Video Coach, Jane is not afraid to acknowledge “the elephant in the room,”  and wants the families she serves to know that she prays for them, earnestly and often.  “I get a really privileged glimpse into their lives and it just brings me to my knees in prayer.” 


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What a “Volunteer” means at Inheritance of Hope: Judy Guerra and Colleen Urlaub on their unexpected friendship

Inheritance of Hope volunteers mean it when they call a family “theirs.”  Just ask Colleen Urlaub and Judy Guerra.  Judy was the volunteer paired with Colleen’s family at the Orlando Legacy Retreat® in February 2019, and the two former strangers are now family. 


Brad, Christel, Ashley, and Colleen Urlaub with Judy Guerra (far right) in Orlando


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Make it a Family Game Night!

Facing yet another Friday night “in?”  Squares on your calendar a little too blank?  Kids whining “I’m bored” over and over?  Inheritance of Hope can help!



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The Thomas Family Finds Hope@Home

In 2017, Amy and Andrew Thomas attended an in-person Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat®  with their three-year-old son, River.  Amy was first diagnosed with breast cancer when River was just one, and then re-diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer two and a half years later.  Until their retreat, Amy did not know any other young mothers with a terminal diagnosis, and Andrew had not met other male caregivers with children still at home.    

The Thomas Family found Hope in NYC
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Banding Together to Raise Money for Inheritance of Hope

How many rubber band bracelets does it take to send one child on an Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat®?  

Nine-year-old Hayden Cochran raised $1300 for IoH families


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Kristen's Inspiring Words

Kristen's Inspiring Words
March 18, 2021 marks the 48th birthday of Inheritance of Hope Co-Founder Kristen Grady Milligan.  Now, eight years after she passed away, many in our IoH family never knew Kristen.  Instead, most of you only know of   her as the loving mom who cement...
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Come Seek Hope with Us

How can we continue to support a family after their loved one has passed away? At Inheritance of Hope, our goal is to purposefully be with those left behind, to walk alongside those who grieve.  We know we could never fill the emptiness that remains, but we also know this space still beautifully holds memories and much, much more.  We acknowledge the loss just as we celebrate life and love.  

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Our Christmas Star

By December 21, 2020, you would have to have been living under a rock to have not heard about “The Christmas Star.”  Well, I sort of had.  Been living under a rock, that is.  The rock of living in ICU for a few days.  


The convergence of Jupiter and Saturn was on my radar, so to speak, but by the time the day arrived, I had almost forgotten.  Then, a friend asked if I was going to look for “The Christmas Star.”  Yes, I thought. Yes.  I will see it.


My teenagers were both home, a lucky by-product of a near-death experience and the pandemic.  We could go see it as a family.  We planned to leave the house around 6:45 p.m. and drive to my husband’s office parking deck--the office he had only visited maybe a dozen times since March, mostly to check his mail.  


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