Family Spotlight: the Derricot Family is Praying through the Pandemic



“I pray, and pray, and pray, and then I pray some more,” shares Shirley Derricot on her approach to life.  She is honest--there is a lot to pray for, from staying safe during the pandemic to hoping that her two Black sons stay safe out in the world.

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Family Spotlight: The Dorado-Harrison Family’s Positive Mindset



For Jennifer Dorado, there is a way to live through a pandemic with metastatic breast cancer, “One day at a time.”  The 37-year-old mother of three, former competitive softball player, and unrelenting optimist has a simple but effective outlook, “A positive mind gives you a positive future.”  Staying upbeat as she wakes every day, and pushing through, no matter how sapped her energy may be, has helped her navigate the challenges of parenting with a terminal illness, because, she knows, “I have too much to fight for.” 


Jennifer Dorado’s family surrounds her with love on their IoH Legacy Retreat®
Jennifer Dorado’s family surrounds her with love on their IoH Legacy Retreat®
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Holley Rothell Kitchen's 3 Things



Inheritance of Hope spoke with two of Holley Kitchen’s sisters, Missy Hobbs and Teri Larcom. They shared with us three pieces of advice based on how Holley lived out her last months. Holley battled metastatic breast cancer and passed away in January 2016. She serves on as a champion for researching a cure and building an intentional legacy. We celebrate her on "Holley Day", October 13. 

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Who is Holley Rothell Kitchen?




How can I make a memory with my kids today that will last them a lifetime?


Of all the things Holley Rothell Kitchen wanted to be—wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend—the role she is most widely known for is something no one wants to be: the face of metastatic breast cancer. Like most true heroes, Holley was an ordinary woman facing extraordinary circumstances. How she soared beyond those confines will forever define her as a champion of this disease. 

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Faces of Holley Day: The Leland Family, Healing through Gratitude



Erin Leland set her alarm for 5:30 am every morning.  The full-time teacher, mom, wife, and activist had a lot to do and didn’t want to miss a moment.  Her 11-year-old twins, husband Rich, her high school English students, and the other women she met through METAvivor were the reasons she woke up so early. 


Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2018, Erin died from the disease, which has no cure, far too soon. But not before the 42-year-old made the kind of impact it takes most people a much longer lifetime to make.  


Rich and Erin Leland with their children Keira and Quinn
Rich and Erin Leland with their children Keira and Quinn
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Faces of Holley Day: Gifts of Two Friendships Take Flight



When jewelry designer Kendra Scott created the Metastatic Breast Cancer Necklace Charm Set, she honored a friendship cut short.  When Cindy Fish gave the pendant to Becca Willson, she did the same.  And though neither Cindy nor Becca have ever met Kendra, their stories are now linked by more than the intricate chain.


Kendra Scott’s delicate yet durable butterfly-themed charm set  evokes strength through endurance and beauty through change.Kendra Scott’s delicate yet durable butterfly-themed charm set 
evokes strength through endurance and beauty through change.

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Steven Martin Shares One of his Best Legacy-Building Ideas



Like the Legacy Videos, this is a great way to connect with and bless your family when you're gone...Or in my case, when you lose the ability to speak!

 Steven Martin

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These relationships aren’t virtual! Families connect with each other during our second eLegacy Retreat™! 



Connections.  That is what we do best here at Inheritance of Hope.  Connecting families who feel isolated, scared, and often hopeless.  So, how are those connections working now via Zoom?


In short, pretty well!  


On August 21st-23rd, we welcomed 17 families to our second IoH eLegacy Retreat.  We haven’t hugged them in person yet, but we are family.  There is nothing virtual about these relationships, and while the IoH experience can never fully be described, here is what some of our newest family members have to say.  

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Faces of Holley Day: Ann Camden on friendship and IoH



I have never met Kendra Scott or her friend, Holley Kitchen, but I think we have a lot in common. I’ve seen enough photos to know that we each appreciate statement jewelry, selfies and the strength of friends that are so close that they feel like family. (Sometimes, it’s even better than family.) But, the thread that links us together feels more like a noose – we are strong women who faced the demon of metastatic breast cancer. 

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Faces of Holley Day: Joni Morris and her daughters Inspire Hope on Holley Day



Originally posted on October 4, 2018, we honor Joni and the legacy she left for her family. Joni passed away in July 2019, but used her time to live purposefully and give back to others facing what she faced.


Joni Morris is one of the faces of Kendra Scott’s Holley Day.  She also has metastatic breast cancer. Along with her teenage daughters Kendra and Rylee, Joni is raising awareness for Inheritance of Hope in order to give other families the gift that they themselves received. The Morrises attended an all-expenses-paid Inheritance of Hope Legacy RetreatⓇ to Orlando in March, where they met other families in which a parent has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, received tools for navigating the difficulties they face, and perhaps, most importantly, made lifelong memories together.

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