At Inheritance of Hope, we strive to help all people develop a lasting legacy.  Our deepest desire is to inspire hope in families facing the loss of a parent.  At your Legacy Retreat® we will come alongside you and your family to encourage you to be intentional with your legacy.  We would like to begin that process now.  As part of your Legacy Retreat® application, please take a moment for the diagnosed parent to write a personal note to each of your family members.  These notes can be on a card, stationery, or standard paper.  There are no specific requirements except that the notes should be written to each individual personally by the diagnosed parent; handwritten notes are preferred.  Scan or take a photo of your notes so that you can upload them to the indicated fields on the application.  These notes are yours, to share with your family whenever and however you prefer.  Including them in your application simply creates a backup copy for you, which we keep completely private at all times.


Ideas for what to say in your notes: 


  • What do you love most about this person?
  • What are you most proud of about this person?
  • List some of their personality traits or gifts.
  • At this stage in their life, what are some things you enjoy doing together?
  • Does this person remind you of anyone else in the family tree?  Do they have any of your traits?
  • What do you admire about this person?
  • Have they said or done something silly or memorable that made you smile?


We know that you love your family.  This note is simply an act of love for them.  Hopefully it will be one step of many in your intentional, lasting legacy.  You are capturing a snapshot of your thoughts, feelings, and love for your family at this specific moment in time; we encourage you to continue with these notes periodically as a time capsule of sorts.  We also encourage spouses/caregivers to write notes, although that is not a requirement for the application at this time.


If you are having trouble writing notes like this, we are here to help.  Our Family Legacy Director, Jill Thompson, has many helpful tips and would love to encourage you in this effort to give a priceless gift to your loved ones.  You can contact her at