Who is Team IOH?
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Running, walking, biking, swimming -- any physical event requires endurance, strength, training, and a lot of perseverance.  In the same way, fighting a terminal illness requires tremendous endurance and perseverance.  Team Inheritance of Hope supports athletes who are passionate about raising funds through endurance events for young families who are facing the loss of a parent.  Team IOH athletes persevere not only for themselves but also for the families we serve.  Who do you persevere for?
Inspire hope in young families facing the loss of a parent.  Explore our upcoming events here and join Team IOH!
History of Team IOH
Team Inheritance of Hope began in 2009 as a way to help raise funds for Inheritance of Hope through partnerships with endurance events.  Our first partnership with the Marine Corps Marathon in 2009 was an incredible experience as 10 runners joined Team IOH to raise $16,000! Since 2009, we have aggressively grown our partnerships to include other marathons, half-marathons, and a triathlon.  In 2013, we created our own signature event, The Legacy Run 15K/5K/Kids' Fun Run locally in Brevard, NC - where our organization is based.  Aside from the events we partner with, Team IOH also sponsors athletes who prefer to choose a race of their own.  Over the years, more than 1,000 athletes have joined forces with Team IOH to raise over $800,000 to support Inheritance of Hope.  Here's to reaching $1 million raised soon with the help of our committed athletes! 
About Inheritance of Hope
Inheritance of Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving families with children under 18 who have a parent with a terminal illness.  Because of generous supporters like you, Legacy Retreats® are provided at absolutely no cost to the participating families.  These events offer unique and exciting activities for parents and children together, forming precious, lifelong memories for the whole family.  Legacy Retreats® also create a community of people who find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their struggles.  Counselors are available for parents to gain resources and tools to help navigate the difficulty of fighting illness while raising children.  Children's counselors work to help children express and understand the emotional turmoil they are experiencing and are often so reluctant to share.  Beyond the Legacy Retreats®, Inheritance of Hope offers inspirational literature, an annual scholarship, and speaking engagements that address the deep needs of these families. 
Inheritance of Hope is a young organization with a big vision.  In the United States, there are over one million family members facing the challenges of a parent's terminal illness.  These families' entire lives become consumed by the illness, leaving them without the resources to plan or pay for meaningful family time.  Inheritance of Hope's vision is that "Every Family Deserves a Legacy."®
Watch how your partnership with Team IOH will support Inheritance of Hope and the families we serve! 

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