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Lisa Duscio: Coordinator, Team Inheritance of Hope
Lisa graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Materials and Logistics Management. She has worked in management for IBM, has owned and operated both a veterans / seniors home and a bed & breakfast, and is currently the Team Coordinator for Team Inheritance of Hope. Her heart is also wrapped up in her roles as wife and mother. Since a life-threatening diagnosis in 2001, Lisa has had a passion for fitness and nutrition. She has participated in 2 sprint triathlons and 3 marathons, and she hopes to participate in many more; however, her duties with Team Inheritance of Hope often keep her on the sidelines, cheering on her Team.  Lisa has a heart for each and every Team IoH member, and she has a heart for the families, particularly the children, served by Inheritance of Hope.
Lisa lives with her husband, Tony, and her daughter in North Carolina.
Derek DalzellDerek Dalzell, Dalzell Coaching, LLC: Team IoH Training Coach
Team Inheritance of Hope is proud to partner with Derek Dalzell and Dalzell Coaching, LLC to offer our athletes a unique personal coaching experience. Originally from Bay City, Michigan, Derek grew up with a strong passion for athletics. This passion was instilled in Derek through countless hours of playing catch and discussing sports with his father. In 1999, at the age of 11, Derek suddenly lost his father but managed to keep both his and his father's passion alive through his athletic abilities and love of sports. In 2007, after a successful high school athletic performance, Derek received a baseball scholarship at Centenary College of  Louisiana.  Four years later, after earning his first degree and finishing his baseball career, Derek remained fascinated with human performance and what the body is capable of achieving.  Now an Ironman himself and keeping that passion from his youth  alive, Derek is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Coaching and Sports Performance from Western Michigan University and has established his own business, Dalzell Coaching, LLC to help share his passion with others. Derek is excited to get the opportunity to work with Inheritance of  Hope as he believes the key to recovery is discovery in one's own abilities through athletic performance and achievements.
View more about Dalzell Coaching, LLC here.


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