Legacy Retreats® Overview
Inheritance of Hope's vision for your Legacy Retreat® is twofold:
First, families with children under 18 with a parent who has a life-threatening illness should have a worry-free, cost-free, fun vacation.  For this reason, we take care of all the planning and all the costs (including travel expenses), and you have plenty of time to spend alone building precious memories with your family.  You can also take advantage of personal childcare throughout your Retreat and choose to rest whenever you want.
Second, your family will have the opportunity to interact with other families who understand the challenges of your situation.  We recognize that living with a life-threatening illness can be an isolating experience, so your Legacy Retreat® builds a community of support that can be maintained long after the event through your online support communities.  Licensed counselors are available throughout your Retreat.
Our desire is that Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreats® will be a fun time for your family, without the worries of vacation bills, vacation planning, or medical appointments.
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