If any of these challenges sound familiar, Hope@Home Groups are for you. You are not alone – when you feel isolated or frustrated by illness, we want you to know that you belong! 


Hope@Home™ Groups exist to provide on-going care and support for each member of the family. These one hour Zoom calls range are available for everyone (kids/teens, diagnosis-specific, life after loss, caregivers) and meet weekly for three weeks out of the month. Member-led community groups create a place for families to feel understood, loved, and supported through resources and relationships.

The role of a Hope@Home™ Group volunteer is to consistently login to Zoom from the comfort of home and warmly welcome, listen, validate, and connect attendees to Inheritance of Hope resources. Volunteers who are reliable, eager to encourage and empower others, and demonstrate active listening skills play an integral part in creating a comfortable, safe space for families to process and relate to one another.

A Hope@Home™ Group volunteer is expected to regularly pray for the members of the group and to share IoH opportunities with members of the community.