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Day 3 Jerusalem

Sorry I skipped Day 2! The time change is a bit difficult to adjust to! I've had the opportunity to see Old City sites. Also, went to the expo to pick up my runner's packet and shirt. The roads are a lot hillier than I expected! The race day weather is going to be perfect - about 50ish and clear skies. 

Below are a mixture of pictures. Starting top left: almond tree blossoms; signage along Jerusalem roads; Dutch settlement area across from the Old City; me standing at the Pool of Bethesda; there are no Starbucks in Israel!;Carla and me in front of the Old City; a market in the City Center; the Jaffa Gate going into the Old City.  The Half Marathon will be running in to the Old City through this gate and out the Zion Gate.


Walking (running!) out a dream
The Day before the Jerusalem Half

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