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Thank You Veterans

The Marine Corps Marathon finishes with an incline for the last .2 miles of the 26.2 mile race, ending at the Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) in Arlington.  The memorial depicts the 5 Marines and 1 U.S. Navy corpsman that raised the American flag using a pipe found in wreckage at the summit of Mount Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima, February 23, 1945.  The battle at Iwo Jima lasted 36 days with many casualities - 21,800 Japanese and 6,800 American lives were lost.  Many, many more American soldiers were injured.


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Team IOH at the 2011 MCM

Yea - Carolyn!

Yea - Carolyn!

Last weekend, Team IOH participated in the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.  Runners from 24 states and Canada joined forces to raise over $100,000 to support the mission of Inheritance of Hope!  Specifically, these donations will be used to fully fund the November 2011 Times Square Legacy Retreat that is happening in 2 weeks.  Here's a recap of the weekend...

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My Reasons for Starting Inheritance of Hope

Kristen Milligan, co-founder of Inheritance of Hope, will complete the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. this Sunday - although not the way she planned …

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Creative fundraising idea

The Marine Corps Marathon is right around the corner - a week and344739_f520 a half away.  Fundraising has been taking place for the last few months by members of Team IOH.  The top fundraiser as of October 15th is Carolyn Crooks, raising $5805 to win the fundraising competition!  Mike Davis was a close second at $5780!  The Team has shown great drive in moving towards the team goal of $75,000.  There has been some very creative fundraising ideas.  I want to share with you today a note from Gabriel, who has raised over $1000 by selling salsa and enchiladas!

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President's Proclamation

Mike is returning for his 3rd MCM with Team IOH!!!

Mike is returning for his 3rd MCM with Team IOH!!!

The 2011 Marine Corps Marathon will be run on October 30th, 18 days from today.  Team Inheritance of Hope is proud to be a 3rd Tier Charity Partner with the MCM (4th Tier being the highest partnership level possible.)  Inheritance of Hope will be represented by runners from across the U.S.  The excitement is building for this year's race...there's a lot of chatter happening...even President Barack Obama has something to say...

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Team IOH Spotlight ~ Jill Thompson

Written By: Jill Thompson

I am enthusiastic about Inheritance of Hope!  My enthusiasm began when it was first founded and has continued as my involvement has grown.

The Milligans

The Milligans

When my best friend, Kristen Milligan, called me in 2003 to share her diagnosis of terminal liver cancer it was very difficult to see any good in that situation.  It quickly became clear that it was not only Kristen who was battling this illness but it was also her husband and three young children.  When they decided to start an organization that served families just like theirs, I was thrilled to be a part of it.  I did what I could to help.

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Team IOH Spotlight ~ Tammy Johnston

Tammy Johnston is a member of the Team Inheritance of Hope 2011 Marine Corps Marathon team.  Tammy has run the Los Angeles marathon and will share about her marathon experience.  Thank you Tammy!

Team IOH member Tammy Johnston

Team IOH member Tammy Johnston

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Team IOH Spotlight ~ Joe Volpe

I am so excited to bring to you another post written by one of our own Team IOH Marine Corps Marathon team mates!  Read on to meet Joe Volpe ... and consider supporting our Team!

Joe - one of our awesome Team IOH runners!

Joe - one of our awesome Team IOH runners!

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Team IOH Spotlight ~ Grace Gerdin

I will be introducing you to Team Inheritance of Hope Athletes - today and in future posts - through the athlete's own words.  Grace Gerdin is running with the Team IOH 2011 Marine Corps Marathon team.  Read what Grace says inspires her running...


Grace in the 2011 NYC Half Marathon

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Endurance Events and Team Inheritance of Hope


Team Inheritance of Hope has many planned endurance events throughout the year.  You may be asking how you can get involved.  We are always looking for athletes to join our team!

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Team Inheritance of Hope

Runner default option 1

Today, you can read a brief explanation of what athletes learn when seeking to join Team Inheritance of Hope.  Team Inheritance of Hope (a.k.a. Team IOH) exists to raise funds and awareness for Inheritance of Hope.

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Calling All Volunteers!


As the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon approaches, I am seeking volunteers to help with the Team Inheritance of Hope festivities over the weekend in Washington, DC.  I was trying to put into words the rewarding experience of volunteering.  I have resorted to pictures ... and quotes from others - to try to motivate you to join us for a fun, exciting weekend - October 28 - 30!  ...

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Words From a Kidney Recipient


After writing my blog post last week, The Gift of Life (a story about my husband's kidney transplant 4 years ago), I came up with this idea to ask my husband to write a little blog about his experience.  Tony said he would be happy to do just that.  What he wrote was not what I expected!

(You may be wondering what this picture of my daughter climbing a rock wall has to do with this story.  It reminds me of how life is like climbing this wall, placing your feet and hands one move at a time, not always seeing the destination.)

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The Gift of Life


In 2001, I was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer.  Six years later, after I had regained my strength, my husband went into kidney failure and was in need of a kidney transplant.  It was this past week in 2007 that my husband received a kidney from a wonderful friend and sister in Christ, Vaughn.

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"Gearing" Up For Fall Runs

There are so many great races in the fall.  From 5Ks to Marathons, what you wear has a big impact on your performance.  From shoes to hats, it is good practice to plan your race day wardrobe weeks before the race...


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What To Eat When Training?

I want to feel as good as Will looks when I run!

I want to feel as good as Will looks when I run!

Today I was speaking with one of our Marine Corps Marathon runners about what to eat for optimal strength, energy and recovery when training and racing.  She mentioned she eats quite healthy - lots of raw food and lean cuts - but she wanted to know if there was more she could do to aid her body in this endeavor to prepare for race day this October 30th.

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MCM Countdown: 16 weeks


When a runner hears that the marathon race he registered for is 16 weeks out, bells and whistles sound in his most inner-being.  If he hasn't already, this will be the week that he begins his marathon training plan.  I ran my first marathon in 2007 - the ING NYC Marathon...

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What a Legacy Retreat looks like...


What does a Legacy Retreat "look" like?

What is the importance of a legacy? You might be wondering what Inheritance of Hope is all about...

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Golf Outing Recap - a great day!!

GM Golf - 14

The weather was perfect for the 2nd Annual Gerry Moors Golf Outing held at Winding Hills Golf Course on June 18, 2011.  46 golfers hit the links as the Moors family hosted this fun event to benefit Inheritance of Hope...

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A Legacy of Endurance


What do Oprah, Drew Carey and Kristen Milligan all have in common?

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